jeudi 19 juillet 2012

Belgium and the lack of democracy

« Particracy » is often used to comment the belgian political system. That word is used on a pejorative way and the elected persons don't like to hear that word. Unfortunately we have again an exemple of that way of defending the interest of the old belgian parties.

To be allowed to be on the lists for the next elections in octobre there are procedures to follow. One of them, if you don't have any deputee, is to collect signatures. There are two possibilities. Entering the political arena helped by other parties. Or trough another way : the citizens. I consider that way much more legitime.

As a defender of the direct democraty, this second solution looks much more fair, more legitime. We need to have the approval of the other citizens to be on the lists. What can be more democratic ? If the potentially elected person do not manage to be supported by people, how could he have voices ? Would it be useful to be on the lists ?

It's easier to have signatures from deputees ? True. But is that not entering in the political game that I do not agree with ? Is it not be redevable for a service ? Above all what would be the official political line of the other parties ? And how much would it cost later ?

In beautiful Belgium, the second solution is way from easy. Without spotting anyone I consider this mission as almost impossible. I'm not speaking about the fact of finding a hundred of persons ready to support a new candidate in town, no.

I'm speaking about the fact that the official organization of the elections did not put the official paper for the provincial elections online ! We are at 58 days of the deadline and that sheet simply does not exist ! The official administration of this country conscientiously prevent the arrival of new parties by simply blocking the access.

I have a hangover when I realize that this way of working still exists in my country in 2012. I'm disgusted that only one media has relayed the information, l'avenir. It's not only for the pirates but for every single new organization who want to take part in these elections ! We are pushed away by the big parties. We are fighting for participative democracy. We want to meet the citizens !

Without speaking of a conspiration of victimise ourselves I have to underline that the fight will be hard. But it's not a big deal. Because behind every single computer there are revolted citizens. Traditional medias are dumb ? Let's make a buzz on internet. The world has to know.

Pirates or non pirates if you are a democrate we need you ! Let the world know our situation. It's time to show the autorithies taht we are hundreds, thousands ready to tell that we know what's happening.

We want democracy. We don't want this locking of the autorithies anymore. We want the access to direct democracy. We want to show that another way to enter the elections does exist. We will cross the oceans, the seven seas and even come back from the end of sea.

Because in our souls we are all pirates ! So rise the sailings, the Jolly Roger. Starboard : Twitter. Portside : Facebook ! It's time to fight to cross the boarder that the ships of his Majesty does not want to see us pass. But we will pass. Whatever happens we will pass.

If you are on twitter please share with #hellopaul. You can find that funny way of communication here.

À l'abordaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage !

The minister in charge of that office is Paul Furlan. @Paul_Furlan
You can find all the information on the elections in French on the belgian official website. Here
And the media that outspotted the information in French. Here.

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  1. Thank you for bringing this into public attention, and good luck with bringing democracy a step closer to the people :-)

  2. Also, this got posted online for signatures, guess it could be of your help: signatures list for provincial elections (thanks to reddit)

  3. what is the solution of Belgium issue? can they make a division? or two parts live together?

    1. I wish that someone has this answer... On my opinion I would suggest to have a look in Switzerland. I lived there for 6 years and it works...