jeudi 19 juillet 2012


Dear Pirates,

Everybody knows Belgium and its famous beers. The country with three languages. The country who was at the beginning of Europe with the Netherlands and Luxemburg. The country that hosts festivals, Francorchamps or the « Concours Reine Elisabeth ». The country of the heart of modern European democracy.

The Pirate Party of this country, my country, needs your help : we want to take part in the provincial elections. Unfortunately we need one official paper for the signatures. Unfortunately they don't have this paper : they are not in time because they are afraid of us. And unfortunately it's the only paper we are allowed to use. But fortunately we are pirates !

We have to put pressure on the person in charge of that administration. That person is @Paul_Furlan on twitter. We could spam him but it would be too easy. I would prefer a funniest way of a demonstration of our movement: a hashtag ! That's why I propose #hellopaul It will show him that we are everywhere. It will show the world that the Pirates are the Pirates.

We are fighting for democracy. We are fighting for freedom. We are fighting to take part to the elections in Belgium. In less than 60 days we have to give hundreds of signatures on an official paper from the belgian administration. So Pirates from all around the world, use your fingers, use your keyboard, and use the #hellopaul

Let's be funny, let's be friends. I would like to imagine that #hellopaul in the newspapers, in the medias, on television. But I know they will not allow us. So let's do it together all around the world and let's put it as a big smile in front of all the politicians let's do it as the hashtag of the day.

And of course, your grandmother goes to toilet it's #hellopaul The trains stops it's #hellopaul The fish makes a bubble it's to say #hellopaul The water is water, the fire is fire. The #hellopaul is the #hellopaul

We are not anonymous. We are Legion. We are the pirates.

À l'abordaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage.

Belgium and the lack of democracy.

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  1. FYI: It's 10:06, and #hellopaul is trending number one in germany..

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks to all pirates in Germany and everywhere!

  3. Got it. Greetings from Austria


  4. For Flemish tweets, the general hashtag for the elections is #vk2012. Including this tag puts your tweet in Twitter boxes on multiple major news sites (e.g. or So include both #hellopaul and #vk2012.
    Doesn't a similar hashtag for Wallonia exist?

  5. is Paul Syrious ? #hellopaul

  6. La page Wiki de Paul Furlan a été *enrichie* d'un lien externe

    The wiki page for Paul Furlan *updated* with an external link

  7. Hé bien joué Nico :


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